Loads of inspiration during iSHARE Work

Loads of inspiration during iSHARE Work

Despite the heaviest morning traffic of 2017, the iSHARE Works event on thursday 5th of October had formidable turn up. The overall feedback was very positive, everybody left with loads of inspiration on how to start implementing the iSHARE technology.

iSHARE Works is an event where several logistics organisations experienced the working of the iSHARE technology through well prepared and comprehendable user cases. These cases explained how the iSHARE technology create a simple and safe way to share logistical data.

The second edition of iSHARE Works was organized on the 5th of October in collaboration with several partners from various logistic organisations. This Work-edition was co-created in the Amsterdam harbour area with people from, air freight-, inland water freight-, Portbase- and IT & traffic management software companies.

“A successful event” said projectmanager Mariane ter Veen. “iSHARE Works aims to inform those active in logistics about iSHARE and show them all advantages to their business. Thanks to our partners we have succeeded very well in this.”

The importance of iSHARE for logistics in the Netherlands

iSHARE Works has been opened by Michiel Haarman, programmanager of Neutraal Logistiek Informatie Platform. Haarman highlighted the importance of sharing data in supply chains and iSHARE itself for logistics in the Netherlands. Next to this he praised the organizations that contribute to the co-creation process of the agreement system.

Ter Veen consequently elaborated on the status of this project initiated by Topsector Logistiek. A few examples of iSHARE were demonstrated including sharing data for inland navigation and he explained how the agreement system works.

The program then continued with multiple workshop sessions.