New technologies on their way to new markets


Dinalog and Holland FinTech are collaborating on an ambitious program: Logistics and fintech. Together with several parties we aim to share knowledge and seek collaboration throughout the logistics value chain. We aim to create sustainable, collective solutions that support the continued development and application of fintech in logistics. The direct benefits and impact of fintech on the logistics industry are presented in a whitepaper.

We see three relevant areas for opportunities


  • to improve administration, working capital & supply chain finance;
  • to provide finance for equipment, inventory & real estate; and
  • to facilitate international business, cross-border movements and trust.

These three relevant areas have been researched in our brown paper. This paper has served as the foundation for the now released white paper.

Business transformation


Logistics reaps the benefits and potential of the innovative power of fintech companies, resulting in three degrees of business transformation:

  • Fintech application supporting existing business processes; existing fintech solutions can directly contribute to the performance of logistics service providers and solve their main challenges in their financial process.
  • Fintech offers opportunities for logistics service providers to expand their service portfolio in shared services by strategically collaborating with startups to provide a better proposition to their customers.
  • Fintech may bring a real transformation in supply chains, solving the problems of lack of transparency, inefficient use of capacity and reluctance to cooperate by supply chain partners. This especially holds for the transformation of international trade and logistics and the business redesign with blockchain technology.

To create sustainable, successful crossovers between fintech and logistics, industry-driven development is required. The Logistics & Fintech programme mobilised individual entrepreneurs, companies, knowledge institutions and governments to take up their ideas with others.

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