Storecove solves your invoice inefficiencies by providing e-invoices with the use of an API

Business model: Monthly subscription

Current customers: Sligro, Exact, , Bruynzeel
Current partners: Acunetix, Amazon, ISO27001

Company background: Storecove was founded in 2014 and is Amsterdam based. The founders of Storecove are three experienced entrepreneurs

Solution description

The company’s solution automatically assembles and sends out all of a customer’s invoices. The platform is light,easily implementable and connects seamlessly to accounting software. This way, Storecove enables faster and more efficient invoicing. The biggest USP is that 330 of the largest Dutch suppliers are already connected to Storecove’s network.

How does it work?

Storecove’s solution connects portal invoices, Peppol-network connected suppliers and other suppliers. After connecting all relevant parties, all invoices are translated into UBL-format and entered into your accountancy software / ERP system. Outgoing invoices that are sent are also taken care of by the cloud web application.