NPEX solves your capital needs by providing an online marketplace platform to raise capital for growth by issuing shares or bonds (mostly subordinated)

Business model: Apart from a modest set-up fee NPEX charges a 3% success fee and an annual listing fee.

Current customers include: C-touch, Xillio, Wagamama


Company background: NPEX is located in The Hague in the Caballero Factory. The team consists of both young as well as experienced specialists, with expertise in new business, listing, compliance, operations and marketing.

Solution description

NPEX focuses on companies looking for growth capital of € 1.000.000 or more. Companies can issue shares or bonds via NPEX’s online platform using standard documentation. NPEX connects these companies with private and institutional investors interested in investing into SMEs

How does it work?

If an outgoing bid is equal to, or higher than the asking price, the transaction is automatically executed. Both parties involved will receive a confirmation mail on the due date of the offering. If, on the due date, the highest bid is lower than asking price, the issuer is notified and a confirmation or rejection for the bid is requested.