Loanstreet helps solving capital needs for SMEs by providing a simple application process for working capital at multiple financiers using data from the user’s bookkeeping program

Business model: Customers pay a fee per loan

Current customers: Herôme,, Alex Beleggingsbank
Current partners:
Rabobank, Exact, Twinfield

Company background: LoanStreet is part of Sparkholder, an Amsterdam based startup founded in 2013. The team consists of highly motivated FinTech game changers with a broad knowledge and experience in financial modeling, programming, IT and data analysis.

Solution description

LoanStreet uses data from your bookkeeping program in the application, preventing you from doing double work or making manual entries. Within 1 minute you will get to know which lender can provide you with a business loan. If you are creditworthy as a company, you can apply for business loans directly at more than 20 different lenders. This way, LoanStreet already calculates the probability of gettin a loan before you put a lot of time in applying for the loan, saving you a lot of time, effort and frustration

How does it work?

Determine your financing requirements, Connect your administration, Receive your credit score for free, Loan applications without friction