ControlPay facilitates high maintenance customers with an advanced collaborative Freight Audit platform that allows both carriers and the shippers to align data, rates, issues, and invoices orchestrated by ControlPay’s dedicated audit teams

Business model: ControlPay offers a diverse range of services 

Current customers:
Current partners: Unicef

Company background: The history of our business goes back to the year 1969, with the start of a logistics consulting company resulting in different ventures in logistics and transportation until we decided to redefine Freight Audit & Payment at the start of the century. We founded ControlPay, a Freight Audit & Payment provider that would focus on serving European and global customers.

Solution description

ControlPay provides a unique end-to-end logistics management solution for multinationals around the globe. ControlPay has developed a unique purchase2pay concept that entails solutions around Freight sourcing & procurement, Freight Audit and control towers. Based on a strong mix of managed services, cloud solutions and advanced technology, ControlPay delivers superior logistics visibility, process optimization and seamless data integration with ERP systems for financial and logistics data. A high level of automation and 100% correct data are key concepts to the ControlPay offering

How does it work?