Collect + Go


Collect + Go solves your invoice inefficiencies by making all invoice information quickly available with the use of digital delivery notes

Business model: Pay per use, fixed per month

Current customers: Fransen Gerrits, Dams, Tontrans
Current partners:
Rietveld, Cumela, Transfollow

Company background: Collect + Go is a Den Bosch based company founded in 2015. At the moment, it has four members working in Den Bosch and two in Belgium. The startup company is currently scaling up and plans to grow in the next few years.

Solution description

The company offers an innovative service that allows shippers to introduce one single process to communicate to contracted logistic service providers and charters. Collect + Go offers a viral implementation process that immediately allows shipping companies to upload the required documentation trough a cloud platform. This allows truck drivers to save time and a lot of paperwork.

How does it work?

After making an API link with the Collect + Go platform, the required documents are made digitally available for drivers. Drivers then track the documents via the platform making the digital loadletter immediately available upon request. After signage, a proof of delivery is archived automatically