Non-traditional fleet funding


The digital revolution is taking on logistics, and the innovation on the financial side of the industry is no exception. The Logistics & Fintech project aims to foster collaboration between these two industries. With this challenge, we aim to give an opportunity to fintech companies to show the benefits that their services can provide to the logistics industry.

What’s the challenge?

A logistics company active in warehousing, truck maintenance as well as domestic and intra-Europe road transport is looking for non-traditional ways of funding or owning their fleet. At the moment, their fleet consists of 800 units (trucks and trailers) which currently are first leased for the first years and after the leasing period owned for another few years.

They are looking for ways to drive the costs of owning a fleet down. For this they see 2 options:

1. Forms of financing other than the current traditional lease.

2. Reducing the fleet by sharing these resources with other companies for non-utilized parts of the day/week/year.

Nevertheless, they are also open to consider other possibilities.

How can you help solve this?

If you are interested, you can propose your solution to us by filling out this short online form. The logistics company will then select the most promising solutions, which will be presented at a pitching event in December 2017. You can also reach out to us by email if you have questions.