Payment system for cruise company


The digital revolution is taking on logistics, and the innovation on the financial side of the industry is no exception. The Logistics & Fintech project aims to foster collaboration between these two industries. With this challenge, we aim to give an opportunity to fintech companies to show the benefits that their services can provide to the logistics industry.

What’s the challenge?

A cruise company would like to incorporate an instant, international payment system into its website. The company offers its customers high-end expeditions to discover nature and wildlife from up-close. Their customers come from various countries and join their fleet to travel for 7- to 10-day trips. All bookings can be done through their online sales channel. An important characteristic of this business is that it generates a low amount of high value transactions.

Currently, once a booking is made, the customer first has to register and then make a bank transfer to the cruise company. This system is neither efficient nor good for the customer experience. The improved payment solution should add a better customer experience as it would be easier to use. It should also increase customer commitment, as they would be able to make the payment at the time of the booking. Finally, it should be quicker than the current one, enabling earlier bookings. The cruise company requires that the candidates offering a solution be trusted companies with a proven track record.

How can you help solve this?

If you are interested, you can propose your solution to us by filling out thisĀ short online form. The logistics company will then select the most promising solutions, which will be presented at a pitching event in December 2017. You can also reach out to us by email if you have questions.