Boozt24 solves your credit needs by providing credit payments based on outstanding invoices with the use of smart technology

Business model: A one-time fee is applied for signing up, an additional fee is paid over the agreed upon financing limit as well as over the actual amount of financing used 

Current customers: BAM Solutions, Dengo, Stonewharf the Brick Company
Current Partners: Trefi, Credion, Eijgen Finance

Company background: Started as Trefi Finance in 2013, Boozt24 uses a fintech solution providing financing to B2B companies with the specific aim to encourage them to grow further whilst reducing the risk and cost. To do so, Boozt24 finances companies based on their invoices, built on one of the most revolutionary finance engines from Capital Tool Company, which was awarded in the category for most innovative SME-financing solution from President Obama in 2010.

Solution description

Boozt24 helps financing healthy, growing B2B companies. Boozt24 provides fast, cost-effective financing for companies, dependent on the amount and spread of a company’s invoices

How does it work?

After you send an invoice, we buy the invoice and pay it to you. This way, you can work on your company growth without having to apply for a loan.