Payment service for building services provider

Payment service for building services provider

Payment Service Provider

4000+ clients


  • Stable cash flow
  • Assess creditworthiness of buyers
  • Time, money & effort saved as a result of automated process

Raab Karcher is a specialist in building products and services. Besides their B2B activities they also serve consumers. They had trouble with inefficient invoicing for the complementary website services. This service helps clients to be better visible online to their prospects and clients. This webservice is paid for on a monthly basis.

Buckaroo is an Utrecht-based payment service provider (PSP) founded in 2005. They are specialised in offering next generation payment gateways, subscription services and credit management for online merchants and corporates.

Their solution first offers their clients the opportunity to reduce credit risk. It also provides an automated payment collection and subscription system. Buckaroo allows its clients to collect money from buyers directly from their bank accounts, with their permission.

Buckaroo’s solution can have advantages for both LSP’s and their clients. Indeed, it allows both parties to save a considerable amount of time and effort, and provides LSP’s with more stability in their cash flow.

Using Buckaroo’s solution helped Raab Karcher to have a fast, automatic and reliable invoicing procedure, and they are very satisfied with Buckaroo’s services.

Building Services Provider

37 branches in The Netherlands

“Buckaroo is easier to set up than working with a bank. For example only a digital signature is needed. This way we are able to bill small amounts over short periods of time.”

Ron Kessels
E-commerce Director, Raab Karcher