Best Practices Boek

Best Practices Boek

We presenteren u hier ons Best Practices Boek vol succesvolle samenwerkingen tussen logistieke and fintech bedrijven.



Download this small book here.

The Logistics & Fintech program is conducted jointly by Holland FinTech and the Dutch Institute for Advanced Logistics (Dinalog). The aim of the program is to share knowledge and raise awareness on the benefits of technological innovation, especially in finance-related areas, for the logistics industry. In addition, our goal is to foster collaboration between both industries, which can mutually benefit each other.

As part of the Logistics & Fintech program, we identified existing examples of fintech companies working with the logistics industry, or best practices. The goal was to be able to show concrete examples of success stories for future collaborations between fintech and logistics companies to build upon. That way, logistics companies can see that technology, and fintech in particular, can have benefits for their business as of today already. Not only in the future, when these technologies will have been adopted on a large scale. Moreover, we aim to show fintech companies that logistics is an attractive industry to enter, and that their services are relevant for numerous logistics players.

In Holland FinTech’s diverse ecosystem we found relevant examples of fintech companies having worked for logistics companies. Following, Dinalog contacted the logistics company, in order to understand the logistics side of the story and confirm that the case was indeed a best practice. This process has led to finding several relevant cases from various angles of both the fintech and the logistics industries. Enjoy reading the examples and let yourself be inspired by what has already been accomplished at the crossing of logistics and fintech. We hope this will let you embrace the technology revolutionising logistics and other industries!