Logistics & FinTech research shows promising opportunity for fintech in logistics industry

Logistics & FinTech research shows promising opportunity for fintech in logistics industry

AMSTERDAM, April 25th 2017 – The Dutch initiative Logistics & FinTech today released an exploratory paper about the impact of financial innovation and technology (Fintech) on the logistics industry. The research illustrates a broad range of cross-industry solutions and partnerships that improve many essential processes in the logistics services. The report states there is a big potential for Fintech solutions to provide access to sources of capital, improve (international) administrative processes and to professionalise risk management in the logistics sector.

The Logistics & FinTech initiative is set up to provide an incentive for cross-industry collaboration and identify business opportunities for Fintech firms and logistics service providers. With the duration of one year, the programme will be carried out through research, events and challenges. It is a joint programme by the Dutch Institute for Advanced Logistics Dinalog and financial network organization Holland Fintech.

The paper is based on in depth interviews of market experts active in the fields of fintech and logistics. The authors conclude that innovation and digitization of the logistics sector is very promising but requires a more proactive approach. Accordingly, the results show that Fintech solutions are a decisive factor to accelerate efficiency in logistic services. Hereby, the authors determine three focus areas: administrative processes, facilitate supply chain finance, and enable international trade. Moreover, it is demonstrated that Fintech solutions can provide better ways to manage and acquire company assets such as equipment, inventory and real estate.

Based on these areas, this paper also identifies several Fintech companies currently offering their services. The fragmented and dynamic arena of Fintech products and services is expected to increase in volume and complexity in the coming years. To encourage collaboration between logistic companies and innovative Fintech solution providers, Holland FinTech and Dinalog will:

  • Create awareness and mutual understanding between parties by sharing comprehensive knowledge in an accessible platform.
  • Invite logistics companies, startups, banks, insurers and all others to explore relevant new solutions together apply those in specific use cases.
  • Support matchmaking and set-up of pilots or other collaboration initiatives to test the application of Fintech solutions in logistics.
  • Engage stakeholders in identifying existing challenges and new ambitions (described in a white paper).

About Dinalog • The purpose of Dinalog is to accelerate innovation in the logistics industry. This is accomplished with 40 ongoing projects between corporates and knowledge institutes. All the fundamental, industrial and experimental research of Dinalog is aimed at the one and only mission of the Dutch Topsector Logistics initiative: in 2020 we want to be the best logistics sector in the world.

About Holland Fintech • Holland FinTech is an independent ecosystem that provides all members equal opportunity to do business in the ever evolving financial value chain. Holland FinTech services provide access to knowledge and network to for business development, technology sourcing, investment, regulations and talent. Since 2014, Holland FinTech brings together people and organisations who believe that creating a level playing field in the financial industry will drive innovation and hence better solutions for customers. With over 300 member companies, Holland FinTech supports and connects mature players to innovative startups across borders and industries.

To read or download an Executive Summary of the exploratory research, click here