Invoice Automation For Water Product Distribution

Invoice Automation For Water Product Distribution

Trade Receivables Financing

€100 million financed



  • Cost cutting
  • Decreased risk of error

EARTH Water produces quality mineral water. All of their profits are donated to finance water projects to alleviate water shortages in the world. To date, they have donated more than 1.2 Mil EUR.

EARTH Water was having trouble in the delivery of its goods. At EARTH Water there was no automatic system to deal with the packing slip. The manual invoicing process meant that clients often received their invoices late.

Boozt24 automated a relevant part of the invoicing process at EARTH Water. As soon as the factory generates a packing slip, this information is automatically sent to Boozt24’s platform. An invoice is then created and sent directly based as soon as the pallet is put into the truck. Before the truck is unloaded the client will already have received his invoice and is able to check it immediately.

This newly implemented process saves a lot of money in the supply chain, mainly by cutting down on administration costs. Additionally, the straight flow decreases the risk of error.

Mineral Water Producer

Based in The Netherlands, Dubai and Shanghai

Present in 30 countries

“Our invoicing system is now automated. This solution costs enormously less time and money (money comes in sooner and less defaults). We cannot work without this system anymore and can recommend it to anyone.” 


Patrick de Nekker

Founder, EARTH Water