Data sharing solution for transport company

Data sharing solution for transport company


The digital revolution is taking on logistics, and the innovation on the financial side of the industry is no exception. The Logistics & Fintech project aims to foster collaboration between these two industries. With this challenge, we aim to give an opportunity to fintech companies to show the benefits that their services can provide to the logistics industry.

What’s the challenge?

A logistics company active in warehousing and transport in the Benelux would like to broaden its proposition. They service different types of international clients, typically active in the food and beverage industry, ranging from big companies to some smaller clients. Along with their shipping services they already offer repackaging and storing services, and sometimes ordering and invoicing activities. Nonetheless, the company aims to become an integrated logistics service provider, providing more value to their customers.

Several clients in their small client segment are struggling with their working capital needs. These clients are typically not able to leverage their inventory and/or invoices to serve as collateral for this purpose. However, the logistics company has extensive data of the inventory and invoices of the shipping company. Therefore, with the help of a fintech company, the logistics company could make this data financially useful towards lenders, helping the shipping company get a stable working cash flow.

How can you help solve this?

If you are interested, you can propose your solution to us by filling out this short online form. The logistics company will then select the most promising solutions, which will be presented at a pitching event in December 2017. You can also reach out to us by email if you have questions.