Event Recap – Logistics & FinTech Seminar

Event Recap – Logistics & FinTech Seminar

On Thursday November 16th, The Logistics and FinTech Seminar took place in B1. Amsterdam, hosted by IBM and organized by Dinalog and Holland FinTech. The location is a creative work space for innovation, education and growth, which can instantly be felt in the vibe upon entering the building.

After all the attendants and participants arrived and settled down with something to drink, Holland FinTech’s Gijs Pel kicked-off the seminar with a welcome speech, introducing Holland FinTech and the increasingly important role fintech plays in the logistics industry. Coen de Lange of Dinalog was next up, introducing Dinalog’s role in the logistics industry and the way that financial transactions make an impact in it. Concluding the introductory talks was Naveen Haroon of IBM. She gave a detailed talk on the seminar location and how IBM plays a role in stimulating innovation.

Jacques Smeets, client executive for ABN Amro at IBM, continued the seminar with a case-like talk to magnify the way blockchain improves trustful data-sharing, transparency and traceability in supply chains.

The next part of the seminar was dedicated to four company pitches, starting with Gilbert Haverkamp from iWelcome. Gilbert explained how iWelcome provides an in the cloud platform in which identity lifecycles, profiles and access rights of consumers, employees and business partners are managed.

After Gilbert, Dolf Kars was up to take the stage, representing payment solutions provider Storecove. Storecove automates the invoicing process for their customers, taking a lot of unnecessary hassle out of their hands.

Next up was Tamis Bouman, representing startup Third. Tamis presented Third’s story and how the company strives to become the leading payment partner for online platforms, handling incoming and outgoing payments with a simple and secure payment solution.

Jasper Keij from Mezuro was responsible for the final company pitch. He highlighted the impact that big-data already has on society, the potential yet unrealized, and how Mezuro plays a role as big data analysis and processing specialist.

Last, Gijs Pel took the stage once more to conclude the interesting and educational session, answering questions and setting the vibe for the networking session which was accommodated with a satisfying amount of drinks and snacks.