Digitization of Waybills in Furniture Delivery

Digitization of Waybills in Furniture Delivery

Furniture Retailer

250 Employees


  • Efficiency gain of 5 minutes per docking document.
  • Paperless process.
  • Improved returns process.

Leen Bakker is a Dutch furniture retailer. They are responsible for shipping their furniture products to their customers. Leen Bakker used a paper process for its waybills, which it wanted to modernize through means of digitization.

Collect + Go is a self-service platform for truck drivers. Logistics companies like Leen Bakker issue their cargo information and accompanying documents to their truck drivers via the Collect + Go portal. Truck drivers can retrieve these documents from the app directly.

The paper process for waybills by Leen Bakker was outdated and inefficient. However, the data in this process is valuable. It enables logistics companies to speed up the truck handling process. Hence, digitizing this process was made with the goal of obtaining efficiency gains.

Collect + Go implemented its solution via a plug & play adoption model for Leen Bakker, enabling the system to be operational within a few days of setting it up.

Collect + Go’s solution of digitally retrieving cargo documents allowed Leen Bakker to reach efficiency gains of 5 minutes per docking document. This paperless process also minimizes waste while improving returns processes.

Platform for Truck Drivers

24,000 waybills generated for 13 customers

“We ended the test phase and we will implement once the software of our trucks is ready. Collect+Go will save us a lot of time compared to the paper CMR workflow from office to truck to office. In addition this process is much more secure.”


Jan Hamers

TeamLead Transport, Leen Bakker