Digital Expense Management Software for Logistics Employees on the Road

Digital Expense Management Software for Logistics Employees on the Road

€540 Million in Revenue (NL)

6,200 Full-Time Employees (NL)

22 Locations (NL)


  • High adoption rate: 600 Schenker Logistic employees use Declaree.
  • Time and cost savings.
  • Aids with regulatory compliance.

DB Schenker Logistics is a world leading integrated logistics service provider that offers international supply chain management and logistics solutions. The company is also an autonomous transport and logistics division of Deutsche Bahn. DB Schenker operates at 2,000 locations worldwide and in the Netherlands alone, the company operate a network of 22 logistics centers and offices at 17 locations.

Approximately 600 employees from DB Schenker Logistics’ Dutch offices were on the road daily. Whenever they incurred expenses, the receipts had to be retained and attached to a form to be submitted manually in the office. The ensuing paperwork significantly inconvenienced both the employees and the managers responsible for administering the claims and approving the expenses.

Declaree is an expense management software solution provider that develops mobile apps for digitizing expenses on the go. After Declaree implemented its solution for DB Schenker Logistics, employees are now able to save details and submit reports of their expenses directly from the smartphone app. The digitization and the streamlining of the expenses management process lets employees discard their physical receipts when they are on the road. The managers can approve all expenses online, which are then automatically registered in the financial administration database.

DB Schenker Logistics has benefited from using Declaree’s services by means of time savings for all parties involved in the expenses management process. The digitization of receipts eliminates the need for physical records while simultaneously helping DB Schenker Logistics comply to existing fiscal regulations (all financial documents have to be stored for 7 years for auditing purposes).

Expenses Software Solution Provider

14 Employees

“Processing our travel expense receipts via Declaree improved the quality of this process tremendously. Declaree helped us to get rid of all manual activities and have them replaced by a well automated process, giving us less mistakes, higher quality and shorter turnaround time.”


Peter Bak

Head of Shared Service Accounting

DB Schenker Logistics