Cash Flow Stabilization for Logistics Service Provider

Cash Flow Stabilization for Logistics Service Provider


Turnover: €1.4 Million


  • Invoice amount transferred to client within 24 hours.
  • Client determines how often and how many invoices are sold.
  • Debtor management lies with Voldaan.

Arnoldus Logistiek is a Dutch logistics company that owns and deploys trucks. Their clients, include shipping and transport companies from across Europe. They specialize in transporting frozen and refrigerated goods, but also manages regular commodities. Arnoldus Logistiek is relatively digitized for a logistics company as all their trucks are equipped with real-time tracking.

Factuuris Voldaan purchases single invoices from their small and medium enterprise clientele. After purchasing an invoice from a client, the money attributed to the invoice will be on the client’s account within twenty-four hours, effectively reducing the term of payment to a single day. Voldaan’s logistics clients are often faced with long payment terms despite prepaying multiple expenses, such as gas. In this context, Voldaan ensures that there is a stable cashflow within the enterprise.

Due to Arnoldus Logistiek’s rapid growth and payment delays riddled throughout the supply chain, the company could not pre-finance all their expenses with internal resources. In spite of these challenges, the company has stated that they will press ahead to increase revenue. By purchasing invoices of Arnoldus Logistiek’s debtors for driven rides, Voldaan provides them with a stable cashflow. Arnoldus Logistiek remains a client of Voldaan’s as of today.

Invoice Management

10 Employees

” Factuur Voldaan is flexible, fast and reliable. They let me choose which invoices I want to have paid fast, and they always pay me within 24 hours.


Ted Arnoldus

DGA, Arnoldus Logistiek