8 September 2017 – Holland FinTech meetup at Atos

8 September 2017 – Holland FinTech meetup at Atos

Is was a rainy Friday afternoon, afternoon when the community with an interest in Fintech was coming together at the Dutch head-quarters of ATOS, a large technology provider to financial services but also other industries, and member of Holland FinTech. Being under a glass ceiling it was hard to miss it was pouring. Nonetheless the room was full of people into fintech, as well as many first timers, ready to listen in and discuss the progress and use of fintech in the broadest perspective.

This meetup, our host took a very active role by showing their fintech program, with which they like to facilitate fintech startup to be better eligible to succeed in their quest to work with large financial institutions, and scale their company faster. Remco Neuteboom explained that the large network of large clients of Atos, as well as their deep in-house technology understanding, puts them in a great position to play this role.

In a little fireside chat Martin Schoenmakers, COO for the Benelux & the Nordics, elaborated on his own passion for technology and the need to embrace that, for all kinds of companies, big or small. Atos’ leading edge program is meant to help companies deal with the challenging changes technology brings and prepare them for the future.

In the first pitch, Laura van Hemelryck, running a startup that was spun out from Atos in their incubation program, and now already serving several corporate customers independently. They use Outsystems to build various solutions very fast. Several questions from the audience were inquiring for her experience in a corporate startup.

Hereafter, Dealsuite took the stage, presenting their solution for fundraising through alternative channels. Their solution enables business owners to reach out to financiers, while avoiding expensive advisors. Several people in the audience seemed keen to get access to finance like this.

Owlin was up next, showing their recently launched new product, that bring the news from 2.8 million sources from all over the world, directly to their customers, to spot deals or to assess risks. The public is clearly impressed by the solution, as many questions are asked how to use it.

With new regulation coming up (GDPR), Privacy Valley seems to be spot on with their solution to help companies be compliant. Their Accelerator makes sure all consent for use of data is tracked and enforced. The message is clear: I will be a challenge to be compliant for all parties that deal with customer data.

AxonIQ wraps up the pitches with their relatively technical pitch about their open source platform Axon, in addition to which they started to deliver commercial supporting services since mid this year. The audience has some difficulty to fully grasp the solutions, as many are not that technical. Several people, among which the ost Atos, were keen on learning more after the pitches.

As usual, the attendees were keen on discussing the inspiring talks and knowledge during drinks, that lasted long into the Friday night.